THE Technical Conference on Linux Networking

Netdev 0.1


talk | Networking in Containers and Container Clusters

Victor Marmol
Nova Scotia/Newfoundland

Containers have recently risen in popularity tremendously in the Linux world. Their promise of fast, light, isolated, and secure runtime and deployment appeals to many user space developers. One of the most important aspects of containers today is networking. Container networking configurations are almost as varied as there are container users, but there is a common emphasis on flexibility, performance, and security. Using Docker's libcontainer we will present and showcase many of the popular networking setups, their uses, and their problems today.

A second aspect we will explore are containers in clusters. Systems like Kubernetes manage containers across clusters of machines. Container-based applications in these clusters communicate almost exclusively through the network; discovery, linking, and synchronization happen all in the network. We will present and showcase the history, the setups, and the problems of networking in Kubernetes clusters. We will also cover common patterns of handling networking for multi-container applications in clusters.

slides: /docs/Networking%20in%20Containers%20and%20Container%20Clusters.pdf
paper: /papers/Networking-in-Containers-and-Container-Clusters.pdf