BoF: "Unlocking SR-IOV in Linux" (John Fastabend)


The Linux kernel does not fully utilize existing hardware capabilities provided by SR-IOV. As a result user-space consumers (such as libvirt) end up only supporting the most basic of features. The result is serious users of SR-IOV end up depending on proprietary implementations outside of Linux.

The purpose of this BOF is to get SR-IOV on Linux unstuck from the current stall.

Any of the following are highly encouraged to attend:

  • Driver developers.
  • Network developers.
  • User space developers consuming SR-IOV.
  • Users interested in consuming SR-IOV.

A tentative agenda (we would like to solicit topics as well):

  • Layer 3 support for virtual functions.
  • Wildcard lookups for ACLs and forwarding.
  • Tunnel support, including encap/decap.
  • Virtual function live migration.
  • PF promiscuous support.
  • Monitoring support.
  • Integration with OVS, bridge, 'tc', and netfilter.

Note: Alex Duyck's tutorial is a good introduction to SR-IOV and both beginners and experienced netdevers are encouraged to attend that tutorial before showing up for the BOF.