Tutorial: "Using SR-IOV on OpenStack" (Alexander Duyck)


The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the current state of the art in terms of Linux SR-IOV support. While OpenStack is used to configure the environment, the tutorial content is applicable for other uses of SR-IOV as well.

The tutorial will provide clarity on what can be achieved with SR-IOV today.

Issues found by the author in the OpenStack use case will be highlighted and work in progress to fix them will be discussed.


  • Introduction to SR-IOV 101.
  • Present the current architecture of SR-IOV with on OpenStack.
  • Demo SR-IOV enabled DevStack configuration.

Discuss future plans including:

  • SR-IOV Hotplug.
  • Live Migration w/ VFs.
  • Discuss limitations of SR-IOV.
  • Lack of PF promiscuous support.