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Richard Guy Briggs
on the Canal

Does anyone remember the Hacker Bike Rides in Canberra, OLS or LCA?

This is the same idea, except ice skating on the world's *largest* skating rink. It used to be the *longest* at 7.8km, but then Winnipeg had to run a plough up the Red River just slightly longer (9km) and claim the *longest* record. Ottawa still clears a *much* wider path, making it a larger area by a factor of four!

Those who have ice skates are invited to bring them. For the rest, there are skate rentals just across the street from the conference venue, $17 for a couple of hours. This is a family-friendly event, and there are likely to be small children that will be faster than many of the adults! Even if you are a novice, you are encouraged to try out this quintessential canadian past-time, including beavertails, maple taffy and hot chocolate afterwards. For those who are really novice or not as strong, we'll be also renting some ice-going sleighs so we can all have fun together and not leave anyone behind.

Where: Meet on the canal ice surface just west of Colonel By Drive and Daly Avenue. We will then change into our skates in the shelter provided, skate for an hour or two and return for refreshments.

What to bring: Skates or money for skate rental. Water or other beverage, maybe hot, in a thermos. A snack or money for confections. Warm clothes: Pay special attention to heads, ears, necks, hands.

There will likely be a strong group that will be able to do the full 14km length of the canal in an hour. There certainly will be a more leisurely group that are there simply to try out this culturally important activity and socialize with other netheads and their families.

You don't need to be registered with the conference to be welcome to join us. Please join us! Local guides would be welcome.

Thanks! See you on the canal ice!