THE Technical Conference on Linux Networking

Netdev 0.1


talk | Flow API: An abstraction for hardware flow tables

John Fastabend
Nova Scotia/Newfoundland

There is ongoing work to create a hardware offload API for Linux with the goal of being generic enough to support a wide range of networking hardware and use cases. In this paper we outline some of the insights that have guided the development of this API. As well as illustrate how the Flow API can be used by developers to write programs that can work across a wide array of devices without having to resort to writing device specific code. To demonstrate this we have implemented the API using the rocker switch an emulated switch device and provided sample code that readers can download.

slides: /docs/fastabend-netdev0.1-slides_v3.pdf
paper: /papers/A-Flow-API-for-Linux-Hardware-Devices.pdf