This is the list of confirmed sessions and workshops. Unlike other conferences, we announce them to the public as soon as the technical committee acknowledges them.


Evaluating and improving kernel stack performance for datagram sockets from the perspective of RDBMS applications

Speakers: Sowmini Varadhan and Tushar Dave

Distributed Switch Architecture

Speakers: Andrew Lunn, Vivien Didelot, Florian Fainelli

What's in a name?

Speakers: Stephen Hemminger

Playing BBR with a userspace network stack

Speakers: Hajime Tazaki

XDP in practice: integrating XDP in our DDoS mitigation pipeline

Speakers: Gilberto Bertin

Netfilters connection tracking system

Speakers: Florian Westphal

IOT Without Things: Building virtual 6LoWPAN Mesh Networks

Speaker: Alexander Aring

Kernel HTTP/TCP/IP stack for HTTP DDoS mitigation

Speaker: Alex Krizhanovsky

OVS Without OVS

Speaker: Joe Stringer

Overlapping Ring Neighbor Monitoring Algorithm in 1000-node Clusters

Speaker: Jon Maloy

Busypolling next generation

Speaker: Eric Dumazet

Network Testing with Netesto

Speaker: Lawrence Brakmo

Story of Network Virtualization and its future in Software and Hardware.

Speakers: Anjali Singhai Jain, Alexander H Duyck, Parthasarathy Sarangam, Nrupal Jani

Driving Linux TCP Congestion Control algorithms around the LTE network Highway

Speakers: Jae Won Chung, Feng Li, Xiaoxiao Jiang

Droplet: DDoS countermeasures powered by BPF + XDP

Speakers: Huapeng Zhou, Doug Porter, Ryan Tierney, Nikita Shirokov

Investigating Linux Network Behaviour Using Open-Source Network Emulators

Speaker: Brian Linkletter

sendmsg copy avoidance with MSG_ZEROCOPY

Speaker: Willem de Bruijn

Increasing reliability in data center network configuration

Speakers: Arthur Davis and Tom Distler

Introduction to pipeline debug (dpipe)

Speaker: Arkadi Sharshevsky

Real-time IoT networking on the Internet

Speaker: Tom Herbert



XDP for the Rest of Us

Speakers: Andy Gospodarek, Jesper Dangaard Brouer


XDP Mythbusters

Speaker: David S. Miller

Linux and the Network

Speaker: Jesse Brandeburg



Speaker: Jamal Hadi Salim

Closing Ceremony

Speakers: David S. Miller, Jamal Hadi Salim