Accepted Sessions

This is the list of confirmed sessions and workshops. Unlike other conferences, we announce them to the public as soon as the technical committee acknowledges them. Please consider this work-in-progress.



XDP workshop
Introduction, experience, and future development

Speaker: Tom Herbert

TC extended workshop

Speaker: Jamal Hadi Salim

IPsec workshop

Speaker: Steffen Klassert

Network Performance workshop

Speaker: Jesper Dangaard Brouer

nftables workshop

Speaker: Pablo Neira Ayuso


Encapsulation Offloads

Speaker: Alexander Duyck

User Space TCP - Getting LKL ready for the Prime Time Use

Speaker: Jerry Chu, Yuan Liu

Implementing IPv6 Segment Routing

Speaker: David Lebrun

Kernel TLS (Transport Layer Security) Socket

Speaker: Dave Watson

Making Linux TCP Fast

Speaker: Yuchung Cheng, Neal Cardwell

Scaling with multiple network namespaces in a single application

Speaker: PJ Waskiewicz

TLS Offload to Network Devices

Speaker: Boris Pismenny, Ilya Lesokhin, Liran Liss

What is an L3 Master Device?

Speaker: David Ahern

The adventures of a Suricate in eBPF land

Speaker: Eric Leblond

Accelerating Linux IP Virtual Server with OpenNPU

Speaker: Gilad Ben-Yossef

Advanced programmability and recent updates with tc's cls_bpf

Speaker: Daniel Borkmann

Linux Forwarding Stack Fastpath

Speaker: Nishit Shah, Jagdish Motwani

VNIC offloads fact or fiction?

Speaker: Stephen Hemminger

Data center networking stack

Speaker: Tom Herbert

Single Virtual function driver for current and future Intel Network devices

Speaker: Anjali Singhai Jain, Mitch Williams, Jesse Brandeburg

Stacked Vlan: Performance Improvement and Challenges

Speaker: Toshiaki Makita

eBPF/XDP hardware offload to SmartNICs

Speaker: Jakub Kicinski, Nic Viljoen

Using SR-IOV offload with application like openVswitch

Speaker: Rony Efraim, Or Gerlitz

Network interface configuration on a Linux NOS

Speaker: Roopa Prabhu

Scalable VM and container Networking using /32bit subnet and BGP Routing

Speaker: Andrew yongjoon Kong



Accelerating container network with channel based IO

Speaker: Rony Efraim, Or Gerlitz

Switchdev BoF

Speaker: Jiri Pirko, Elad Raz