Talk: "Zebra 2.0 and Lagopus: newly-designed routing stack on high-performance packet forwarder" (Yoshihiro Nakajima, Kunihiro Ishiguro, Masaru Oki, Hirokazu Takahashi)


Zebra 2.0 is new version of open source networking software which is implemented from scratch. Planning to support BGP/OSPF/LDP/RSVP-TE and co-working with Lagopus as fast packet forwarder with OpenFlow support.

In this new version of Zebra, it adapts new architecture which is mixture of thread model and task completion model to achieve maximum scalability with multi-core CPUs. Zebra has separate independent configuration manager that supports commit/rollback and validation functionality. The configuration manager understand YANG based configuration model so we can easily add a new configuration written in YANG.

Lagopus is an SDN/OpenFlow software switch that is designed to achieve high-performance packet processing and high-scalable flow handling leveraging multi-core CPUs and DPDK on commodity servers. Lagopus supports match/action-based packet forwarding and processing as well as encapsulation/decapsulation operation for MPLS, VxLAN, and NSH. The interwork mechanism of the userspace dataplane of Lagopus and the network stack in kernel allows easy integration with Zebra 2.0 as well as the existing routing software.

The live demo of Zebra 2.0 as networking software and Lagopus as fast packet forwarder is presented.