BoF: "switchdev" (Roopa Prabhu & Shrijeet Mukherjee)


The switchdev project in the Linux Kernel has come a long way in preserving the Linux networking API across devices with differing capabilities. It has provided a path to unify networking configuration across all devices running Linux (Servers, small wireless devices and data center switches). Over the past year (thanks to its maintainers and the community!) the project has seen many networking drivers (notably dsa) move to this new infrastructure and it also recently received a 100G switch driver user!

The purpose of this BOF is to discuss status/open-issues and HW offload API's and support for newer networking features:

  • Offloading ACL's to HW: choices and the offload API.
  • HW resource accounting.
  • Offload error handling policy.
  • New offload API's for vxlan, IGMP snooping and policy routing.