BoF: "Network Performance BoF" (Jesper Dangaard Brouer)


This BoF is not about the amazing performance improvements we have completed over the last year. This BoF is about existing bottlenecks observed in the kernel network-stack, and how to tackle these.

It is a forum where we discuss how to address and tackle these existing bottlenecks.

We call for speakers, wanting to share their observations and who seek input from the community and the kernel network developers present at this conference.

The format; for each subject area, the speaker must limit the number of slides (2-5) describing the bottleneck and use-case it occurs in. We do encourage speakers to propose several possible ways they imagine to tackle the bottleneck, but leaves it up to the audience to discuss which path is the most fruitful. We do encourage new bold and crazy ideas to surface.

This session hope to see kernel developers with deep code level knowledge of the Linux kernel network stack.