NetDev Society may provide funding for travel expenses and/or accommodations for some attendees of the NetDev conferences. Any member of the community may request a bursary (sponsorship) to attend a conference. Assistance is subject to demand, available funding, and need.

Request a bursary

NetDev Society bursary funds are limited and we’d like to support as many people as possible, so please consider your circumstances and needs. If you are working for a company that is benefitting from the community’s effort please check if they will pay travel expenses. Even if they are willing to split the cost that will help us in stretching the funds to satisfy as many requests as possible.
NetDev Society especially encourages newcomers to both attend conferences and apply for a bursary if needed.

How to request a bursary

  • Requests for bursaries should be sent to expense_assist@netdevconf.info The NetDev Society Board will review all requests and make the determination of funding. Please provide the following information in the request:
  • Whether you’ve been to a NetDev conference before.
  • What you think your most important or interesting contributions to NetDev in the past two years are. We’ll look at various community mailing lists (such as netdev mailing list), but that doesn’t always tell the whole story.
  • What your plans are over the next year, and how attending NetDev will help.
  • The level of participation you expect at NetDev. We are looking for active participants that will contribute to discussion.
  • An assessment of your level of financial need. This may not be easy, but it plays an important role in our decision process.
  • An estimate of your travel expenses. This is also the maximum amount of funding you are requesting. In general this amount should reflect the most economical form of transport to the venue. If it’s higher for some reason, tell us about that. If it’s lower because you (or someone else) will pay part, tell us about that too.