When regular expressions meet XDP

Speakers: Ivan Koveshnikov and Sergey Nizovtsev

High Performance Programmable Parsers

Speakers: Tom A Herbert

Fixing TCP Slow Start for Slow Fat links

Speakers: Maryam Ataei Kachooei, Pinhao Zhao, Feng Li, Jae Won Chung, and Mark Claypool

State of the union in TCP land

Speakers: Eric Dumazet

Pushing OpenVPN down the stack: Data Channel Offload (DCO)

Speakers: Antonio Quartulli


Introduction to time synchronization

Instructors: Maciek Machnikowski

How to sandbox a network application with Landlock

Instructors: Mickaël Salaün

RDMA programming tutorial

Instructors: Roland Dreier and Jason Gunthorpe

Learn how to program the Linux kernel data path with P4

Instructors: Salvatore Signorello and Fernando M. V. Ramos


Netfilter mini workshop

Chairs: Pablo Neira-Ayuso

XDP Workshop

Chairs: Alexander Lobakin, Maciej Fijalkowski, and Larysa Zaremba

Wireless Workshop

Chairs: Johannes Berg and Kalle Valo

TC Workshop

Chairs: J Hadi Salim

SRv6 Network Programming in Linux Kernel

Chairs: Stefano Salsano, Reshma Sudarshan, Daniel Bernier, and Ahmed Abdelsalam

FRR Workshop

Chairs: Donald Sharp

P4TC Workshop