When regular expressions meet XDP

Speakers: Ivan Koveshnikov and Sergey Nizovtsev

High Performance Programmable Parsers

Speakers: Tom A Herbert

Fixing TCP Slow Start for Slow Fat links

Speakers: Maryam Ataei Kachooei, Pinhan Zhao, Feng Li, Jae Won Chung, and Mark Claypool

Linux kernel networking acceleration using P4–OVS on IPU

Speakers: Sandeep Nagapattinam, Nupur Uttarwar, Venkata Suresh Kumar, and Namrata Limaye

To TLS or Not? That Is Not The Question

Speakers: Nabil Bitar, Jamal Hadi Salim, and Pedro Tammela

HomaLS: Tunneling messages through secure segments

Speakers: Tianyi Gao and Michio Honda

Integrating Power over Ethernet and Power over Dataline support to the Linux kernel

Speakers: Oleksij Rempel

Implementing cooperative link diagnostics by using dusty corners of IEEE 802.3 specification

Speakers: Oleksij Rempel

Network view of embedded specific challenges for non–embedded network developers

Speakers: Oleksij Rempel

State of the union in TCP land

Speakers: Eric Dumazet

Cross–Layer Telemetry Support in Linux Kernel

Speakers: Justin Iurman and Benoit Donnet

bring network and time together using Linux tracing

Speakers: Alexander Aring

Towards a layer–3 data–center fabric with accelerated Linux E–VPN on the DPU

Speakers: Roopa Prabhu and Rohith Basavaraja

Introduction to time synchronization

Speakers: Maciek Machnikowski

The TSN building blocks in Linux

Speakers: Ferenc Fejes, Péter Antal, and Márton Kerekes

NVMeTCP Offload – Implementation and Performance Gains

Speakers: Shai Malin and Aurelien Aptel

dcPIM: Low–latency, High–throughput, Receiver–driven Transport Protocol

Speakers: Qizhe Cai and Rachit Agarwal

Towards µs Tail Latency and Terabit Ethernet: Disaggregating the Host Network Stack

Speakers: Qizhe Cai, Midhul Vuppalapati, Jaehyun Hwang, Christos Kozyrakis, and Rachit Agarwal

Merging the Networking Worlds

Speakers: David Ahern and Shrijeet Mukherjee

„We’ve got realtime networking at home“ – Why many systems are moving to TSN so slowly

Speakers: Johannes Zink

Generic 128–bit Math API

Speakers: Alexander Lobakin, Milena Olech, and Marta Plantykow

Your Network Datapath Will Be P4 Scripted

Speakers: Jamal Hadi Salim, Victor Nogueira, Pedro Tammela, Anjali Singhai Jain, Deb Chatterjee, and Evangelos Haleplidis

Pushing OpenVPN down the stack: Data Channel Offload (DCO)

Speakers: Antonio Quartulli

In–Kernel Fast Path Performance For Containers Running Telecom Workload

Speakers: Nishanth Shyamkumar, Piotr Raczynski, Dave Cremins, Michal Kubiak, and Ashok Sunder Rajan

The Anatomy of Networking in High Frequency Trading

Speakers: PJ Waskiewicz


Speakers: Roopa Prabhu, Jaehee Park, and Stefano Brivio


How to sandbox a network application with Landlock

Instructors: Mickaël Salaün

RDMA programming tutorial

Instructors: Roland Dreier and Jason Gunthorpe


Netfilter mini workshop

Chairs: Pablo Neira-Ayuso

XDP Workshop

Chairs: Alexander Lobakin, Maciej Fijalkowski, and Larysa Zaremba

Wireless Workshop

Chairs: Johannes Berg and Kalle Valo

TC Workshop

Chairs: J Hadi Salim

SRv6 Network Programming in Linux Kernel

Chairs: Stefano Salsano, Reshma Sudarshan, Daniel Bernier, and Ahmed Abdelsalam

FRR Workshop

Chairs: Donald Sharp

P4TC Workshop


Infrastructure datapath function(IDPF) workshop

Chairs: Anjali Singhai Jain, Willem de Bruijin, Sridhar Samudrala, and Michael S. Tsirkin

Driver Workshop

Chairs: Saeed Mahameed, Willem de Bruijn, Simon Horman, Sridhar Samudrala, and Harshitha Ramamurthy