Netdev 0x15 Schedule is up

Thu, 01, Jul. 2021

We are pleased to announce the tentative schedule for 0x15. There may be some minor changes going forward, if any, but the overall theme will remain.

This time we have good integration with calendar systems so should be easy to add to google calendar, etc.

Also one nice feature in the Airmeet system this time is we are trying a setup such that if you miss a session because you are busy you can login and play the videos. As usual, once the videos are cleaned up they will be uploaded to youtube.

Registration and Cost

Our main motivation is to bring the community together to the idea-exchange fountain we call Netdev conf. We are not a trade association running a trade show. Our goal is to break even in our costs. For all of our content, the total cost is:

USD $50 for regular registration, and students get 50% off (student ID required)

More details on registration:

Thanks for patiently reading all that text. The schedule is at: