Poll regarding next Conference Interest

Mon, 24, Jan. 2022

As we navigate the seemingly ever complicated changes due to the global Covid situation, we are trying to make some decisions about the next iteration of the Netdev conference.

To participate in the planning process, it would be great if we can get answers to some of the questions outlined in the Poll below. It should be a quick exercise.
Poll is HERE

PS: The options are open ended so if you have a suggestion, please put it in and we will definitely look at it.

Videos are up

Tue, 31, Aug. 2021

All the recordings for Netdev 0x15 are now available on each session page.

Complete playlist at:

Session slides and papers posted

Tue, 10, Aug. 2021

To everyone - thank you for making the conference the success it was!

The slides and papers are now up. The videos will come after.

Check the session pages for the links to the slides and papers.

Update on Industry Perspectives Panel

Mon, 12, Jul. 2021

For the Industry Perspectives Panel on the 19th, we now have the following vendors confirmed to participate:

Xilinx, Broadcom, Pensando, Intel, Netronome/Corigine, and Nvidia.
We will provide more updates in the next while.

Attendee and Speaker Guides for Conference Added

Tue, 06, Jul. 2021

Netdev 0x15 starts today! We've posted some instructions and guides for using the Airmeet virtual conference platform, check here for usage tips and requirements for our speakers:

For Attendees:

For Speakers:

Community Sponsor, IPsec and Network Security Association

Tue, 06, Jul. 2021

The aim of the IPsec and Network Security e.V. is to build a strong open source/protocol community to make network security ready for the next generation. The activities shall extend and support the work of standardization organizations with respect to real world implementation and use cases on open source operating systems.
Network security technologies became increasingly important over recent years. In the view of professional attacks against the core network infrastructure happening these days, network security technologies must be continously developed to make the network infrastructure futureproof.

IPsec as the major layer 3 network security protocol plays an important role in securing todays network. However, as networks continue to become more and more complex, network security technologies, like IPsec, must keep up with that increasing complexity.

Netdev 0x15 Schedule is up

Thu, 01, Jul. 2021

We are pleased to announce the tentative schedule for 0x15. There may be some minor changes going forward, if any, but the overall theme will remain.

This time we have good integration with calendar systems so should be easy to add to google calendar, etc.

Also one nice feature in the Airmeet system this time is we are trying a setup such that if you miss a session because you are busy you can login and play the videos. As usual, once the videos are cleaned up they will be uploaded to youtube.

Registration and Cost

Our main motivation is to bring the community together to the idea-exchange fountain we call Netdev conf. We are not a trade association running a trade show. Our goal is to break even in our costs. For all of our content, the total cost is:

USD $50 for regular registration, and students get 50% off (student ID required)

More details on registration:

Thanks for patiently reading all that text. The schedule is at:

Bronze Sponsor, NVIDIA

Thu, 01, Jul. 2021

NVIDIA is the leader in open networking with end-to-end solutions for SmartNICs, DPUs, open optics, and accelerated data center switches. NVIDIA is committed to open-source at all layers of the software and hardware stack with open networking initiatives like Linux Networking, SwitchDev, DENT, and the SONiC network operating systems and believes that open-source has the power to accelerate innovation and benefits everyone.

Introducing Ptables Talk Accepted

Wed, 30, Jun. 2021

New talk accepted, Introducing Ptables.

BIG TCP Talk Accepted

Wed, 30, Jun. 2021

New talk accepted, BIG TCP.

Registration for Netdev 0x15 is now OPEN!

Mon, 28, Jun. 2021

The Netdev 0x15 conference is now open for registration! Get your tickets soon, because the conference starts on July 7th.

XDP General Workshop Accepted

Fri, 25, Jun. 2021

New workshop accepted, XDP General Workshop.

We are honored to announce industry luminary and academic elite Hari Balakrishnan as the keynote speaker for Netdev conf 0x15

Thu, 24, Jun. 2021

Hari Balakrishnan is our keynote speaker.
From an industry perspective: Hari is currently the Co-founder and CTO at Cambridge Mobile Telematics which raised $500M funding[1] (yes, you heard that right) from The SoftBank Vision Fund. Over his illustrious career Hari has played the role of advising many startups - typically created by his students at MIT.

From an academic perspective: if you are involved in computer networks, networked systems, and/or mobile computing you are very likely to have come across Hari's contributions which are highly cited; he has an h-index of 125. To give you perspective of what 125 means: According to Hirsch[2], a person with 20 years of research experience with an h-index of 20 is good, 40 is great, and 60 is remarkable. You do the math;->

He is a recipient of many many awards, to highlight a few:
  Early days:
  - His PhD thesis on reliable data transport over wireless networks won the 1998 ACM doctoral dissertation award for best thesis in computer science.
  - Several best paper awards including the 2004 IEEE William R. Bennett Prize, and six "test of time" awards for papers with long-term impact.

  More recent:
  - the Infosys Prize for Engineering and Computer Science, the most prestigious award "... for his broad contributions to computer networking, his seminal work on mobile and wireless systems, and for commercial use of mobile telematics to improve driver behavior and make roads safer around the world"
  - The 2021 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award for "broad contributions to computer networking and mobile and wireless systems."

Hari is currently the Fujitsu Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

More details can be found on Wikipedia:

So when Hari makes time to speak, pay attention. What does he want to talk to us about?

He would like to describe new work he is involved in on Site-to-Site Internet Traffic Control.

To quote:
"Queues allow network operators to control traffic: where queues build, they can enforce scheduling and shaping policies. In the Internet today, however, there is a mismatch between where queues build and where control is most effectively enforced; queues build at bottleneck links that are often not under the control of the data sender. To resolve this mismatch, we propose a new kind of middlebox, called Bundler, which moves queues away from uncontrollable network locations to edge devices. This talk will describe how the use of signal processing methods in congestion control, combined with Linux tricks, can enable an effective and scalable site-to-site traffic controller using Bundler. I will also describe some recent work in using verification methods to improve congestion control robustness."

Please come listen, hear him and engage him.

[1] -

[2] -

Switchdev Offload Workshop Accepted

Wed, 23, Jun. 2021

New workshop accepted, Switchdev Offload Workshop.

FRR Workshop Accepted

Wed, 23, Jun. 2021

New workshop accepted, FRR Workshop.

Netfilter Mini-Workshop Accepted

Wed, 23, Jun. 2021

New workshop accepted, Netfilter Mini-Workshop.

Traffic Control Workshop Accepted

Wed, 23, Jun. 2021

New workshop accepted, Traffic Control Workshop.

IoT Networking Workshop Accepted

Wed, 23, Jun. 2021

New workshop accepted, IoT Networking Workshop.

Bronze Sponsor, Mojatatu

Mon, 14, Jun. 2021

Mojatatu believes in giving back to the Linux netdev community and has supported every single Netdev conf since inception. Mojatatu continues to pioneer in next generation SDN.

Bronze Sponsor, Mobiledgex

Wed, 09, Jun. 2021

Mobiledgex is happy to sponsor open source communities like netdev as we benefit from open source and contribute back to eco systems to build out open telco edge clouds for the benefit of all cloud consumers.

Media Sponsor,

Tue, 08, Jun. 2021 aims to be the premier news and information source for the free software community. We provide comprehensive coverage of the development of the Linux kernel and other open-source software projects, information on security issues and concerns, as well as other topics relevant to those communities. The Weekly Edition is our weekly summary of what has gone on, while the front page is updated frequently with news of interest from those worlds.

Bronze Sponsor, Linode

Mon, 07, Jun. 2021

Linode believes that in order to accelerate innovation in the cloud, virtual computing must be more accessible, affordable and simple. Our infrastructure-as-a-service platform is deployed across 11 data centers around the globe and is supported by our Next Generation Network, advanced APIs, comprehensive services and vast library of educational resources. Linode products, services, and people enable developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications more easily and cost-effectively in the cloud.

Bronze Sponsor, AMD

Wed, 02, Jun. 2021

AMD is committed to delivering EPYC solutions that allow networking software to scale without compute, memory, or IO limits.

Silver Sponsor, Facebook

Mon, 31, May. 2021

Facebook believes open source accelerates the pace of innovation in the world. By sharing our code, our stack, and even our hardware designs, we're moving the industry forward while giving other companies and individuals a chance to use our platform to scale more quickly and build great products.

Bronze Sponsor, secunet

Fri, 28, May. 2021

secunet is Germany’s leading cybersecurity company. In an increasingly connected world, the company’s combination of products and consulting assures resilient digital infrastructures and the utmost protection for data, applications and digital identities. secunet specialises in areas with unique security requirements – such as cloud, IIoT, eGovernment and eHealth. With security solutions from secunet, companies can maintain the highest security standards in digitisation projects and advance their digital transformation.

secunet is an IT security partner to the Federal Republic of Germany and a partner of the German Alliance for Cyber Security.

Platinum Sponsor, Microsoft

Wed, 26, May. 2021

Open Source enables Microsoft products and services to bring choice, technology and community to our customers.

Netdev's grass-roots foundations in the Linux Networking community make it a great place for developers to exchange ideas that move both the Linux stack and the industry forward.

Gold Sponsor, Google

Mon, 24, May. 2021

Google believes that open source is good for everyone.

By being open and freely available, it enables and encourages collaboration and the development of technology.

Bronze Sponsor, ZEVENET

Fri, 21, May. 2021

We support NetDev based on our belief in the network and architecture optimization to guarantee the continuity of the services by ensuring the high availability, massively scalable, high performance and security with the most cutting-edge, easy user experience and open source technology for the activity of our worldwide users.

Bronze Sponsor, Jump Trading

Wed, 19, May. 2021

Jump Trading is committed to world class research. We empower exceptional talents in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science to seek scientific boundaries, push through them, and apply cutting edge research to global financial markets.

Our culture is unique. Constant innovation requires fearlessness, creativity, intellectual honesty, and a relentless competitive streak. We believe in winning together and unlocking unique individual talent by incenting collaboration and mutual respect. 

At Jump, research outcomes drive more than superior risk adjusted returns. We design, develop, and deploy technologies that change our world, fund start-ups across industries, and partner with leading global research organizations and universities to solve problems.

Platinum Sponsor, Juniper Networks

Mon, 17, May. 2021

Juniper Networks simplifies the complexities of networking with products, solutions and services in the cloud era to transform the way we connect, work and live. We remove the traditional constraints of networking to enable our customers and partners to deliver automated, scalable and secure networks that connect the world.

For example, Junos routing offers quality, feature rich routing functionality in a container, delivering best-of-breed routing with One Junos Experience across the cloud on routers, servers or any Linux-based device.

Platinum Sponsor, Intel®

Thu, 13, May. 2021

Intel® returns as a platinum sponsor. Thank you!

Netdev 0x15 will be fully virtual

Mon, 26, Apr. 2021

The NetDev Society board has decided that the Netdev Conference 0x15 will be fully virtual.

This decision is based on assessment of local conditions at San Francisco as well as consulting with other conferences that were going to be held in San Francisco in that time frame. Primarily, the evaluation conducted by the IETF has influenced our decision[1].

We are all looking forward to going past the current tribulations and meet in person once again. Perhaps 0x16 will be it. Fingers crossed.

[1] - IETF online meeting announcement

Netdev 0x15 Call for Submissions

Tue, 16, Mar. 2021

We are pleased to announce the opening of Call For Submissions(CFS) for Netdev 0x15.

For overview of topics, submissions and requirements please visit:

For submitted sessions, we employ a blind review process carried out by the Program Committee. 
Please refer to:

Important dates:
Closing of CFS: Thu, June 10, 2021
Notification by: Tue, June 15, 2021
Conference dates: July 5th - 22nd, 2021